Strong, reliable and fast. A must for 4x4 and DIY users. Cast alloy air pump casing with cooling fins for quick heat dissipation. Simple and convenient snap on air outlet. Most powerful .25 HP permanent magnet motor draw 15amp to a maximum of 30A. Conveniently located on/off switch. Coil type air hose 10.5 m and pressure guage comes with a solid brass, snap on fitting to the compressor and screw on fitting to the tyres. Easy to read in line gauge. Anti vibration rubber feet, gearless direct drive air pump. Alloy base tray keeps the compressor stable and separated from sand and dirt. Heavy duty 2.4 metre power cord with battery clamps and a 30A in line fuse. Screw in air filter with snap off cover to easily access replaceable filter elements. Built in automatic termal cut of switch. Base tray can be easily removed so you can permanently mount the compressor, using the kit provided. The most powerful portable air compressor in its class. Unit can be permantenly mounted and hard wired if desired. A class beating 72 liters per minute maximum output. Free robust carry/storage case.


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